The old derelict Polish brewery p. II

I recently posted about an old Polish brewery in Zwierzyniec with some black&white images attached.

Although I was there for only a few hours (I highly regret the cialis free sample no prescription short time spent in that magnificent place), I managed to shoot a bit more – what I showed in the previous entry, it was only a part of the whole collection. If you are interested in viewing the rest, just proceed to the gallery below!


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The Wintery Baltic Sea – landscape timelapse video in HD!

I am pleased to present you a timelapse video shot thoroughly during a few days of my winter stay in Międzyzdroje, northern Poland. The complete solitude and isolation, emphasised by the infinite vastness of the Baltic Sea horizon, strongly influenced my work. While capturing these moments, I had a feeling as if I were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ice and tranquil silence.

(for high definition video please visit the vimeo page)

Any comments are very appreciated – just write to me directly, post a few words below or comment on vimeo.

The Baltic Sea timelapse – at work

Here it is – a bit of backstage material. My camera in the process of capturing frames for the newest timelapse video showing the beauty of the Baltic Sea in winter.


Timelapse camera, Nikon

The old derelict Polish brewery

Have you ever wondered how does a brewery look like? What about an old, traditional and derelict one?The old brewery, Poland

Although it is not my cup of tea, during my stay in Zwierzyniec, eastern Poland, I eagerly seized the opportunity to get inside the derelict brewery. And no doubts about it, I do not regret my decision. I just feel sad I can’t do it once again. It was the most mysterious place I have ever been to, with such a heavy and dense atmosphere inside. You could feel the sense of the building as if it was living in the acceptance of its doom.

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Sea photography at sunset – how to?

Taking photos of sea at sunset?

Morze Bałtyckie, Baltic Sea

It definitely sounds too banal and cliché, but there are certain ways to approach this topic creatively. If you want to avoid the basic mistakes, stand out of the crowd and amaze with your nature shots, just read a few tips. As the spring is approaching quickly, you will need these sooner than you can even imagine, don’t get surprised!

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